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Quantum™ EMF Bracelet

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EMF Guard Bracelet

✓ Effective for 5G

Embedded BEAM™ System

5ft. Functional Radius

Matte Finished 

Delicate Curved Bezel

8 Magnet Interior Array

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Alex B.

Nice! Better than I expected. I really love wearing this every day. I got this to go with my orogne necklace. There are the perfect pair keeping me safe each day.

Kristina M.

This bracelet is just what I was looking for. I needed something to help me feel less tired during the day. I knew it was because of the EMF. This has helped bring my energy levels back up.

Oscar C.

The bracelet is just as nice as I hoped for. It fits very well. It looks so nice to wear. The order shipped a lot faster than I expected. They shipped within 24 hours of my order. Everything came in great condition.

Fatima O.

I was a bit skeptical but now that I have one I can tell they are great. Made of solid copper. Really impressed by the material and super easy to use. I am wearing mine every day and so far feel great.

Candy W.

Super nice bracelet. I am really happy I got this. It is easy to wear all day. I paired it with the quantum necklace and it goes great. Very happy.