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Lattice™ Home EMF Defense

Home EMF Defense

✓ Effective for 5G

Embedded BEAM™ System

Range of 500 sq ft. per Room

Works in Any Room of the Home

 Dual Equilibrium Room Placement

Select the Number of Rooms

Full Home EMF Solutions

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Cameron L.

Not into the mystic side of these products but the scientific and practical seems legit. Effects are subtle and one may not notice a benefit with just a Ring, but the Lattice defense system really is noticeable. We do recommend this company and it's products!

Keith k.

Perfect for each room in our house. I placed them next to the doors in each room to allow the emf to flow through properly. They are pretty nice looking too. I like that they were much better price than the other devices available. We were able to cover all rooms including the garage.

Floria G.

We just received our lattice home system from conscious copper. We decided this was the right system for us because the price is affordable (compared to the other options) and the reviews are five stars. After completing our research online we purchased these. We installed them according to the instructions. We placed 2 units in each room. One near the door and one near the window. This allows for optimal emf flow through the room. So far my husband and I are very grateful to have them. We are sad we waited so long to get something like this. I can already tell they have made a big difference.

Jessica R.

My husband was constantly complaining about his headaches but wouldnt do anything about it. I finally did some research and discovered that it was the smart meters our landlord just installed. They happen to be right next to our apartment. We got 6 of these room protectors and just put them all in the bedroom. Just like that he feels great and I am happy to have them too.

Diane D.

Wow, these were just what I was looking for. We needed to cover our whole home because of the powerlines and these were able to be in every room that we have. They were much cheaper than everything else online.