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Quantum™ EMF Necklace

EMF Defense Pendant

✓ Effective for 5G

Embedded BEAM™ System

5ft. Functional Radius

High Gloss Mirror Finish

90° Solid Cast Structure

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EMF Solutions, Reimagined

Customer Reviews

Based on 195 reviews
Jonathan B.

Ive been warning my family for about 10 years now about emf. This necklace is awesome. Thank you.

Sharron M.

I am so happy with this necklace. I have worn it for about 10 days so far and each day I can tell that I am happier and more myself than before.I used to wake up feeling tired and would get headaches regularly. This is not happening since wearing my quantum necklace. I really love the design and the quality is fantastic.

Lisa L.

This is one of my favorite emf protection devices to wear every day. it looks really cool plus works so well. I feel great when wearing it! Really happy with this purchase.

Timothy W.

This beautiful necklace was just what I needed to protect from emf. I have a lot of wifi in my building. over 100, and I realized I needed something to protect me. I love wearing this every day.

angela d.

Shipping speeds were incredible it to less than 4 days to arrive to Florida. So far, Im very pleased with my purchase, I would definitely recommend this necklace