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Ripple™ Cell Phone EMF Defense

Cell Phone EMF Defense

✓ Effective for 5G

Embedded BEAM™ System

iPhone and Android Compatible

Triplicating Ordered Arrangement

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Cell Phone EMF Solutions

Customer Reviews

Based on 162 reviews
Kathy H.

From what I can tell this is one of the best cell phone shields available. Really slim, you dont even notice that it is with you. I have this and the pendant they sell. Both are great and keep me safe.

Leah B.

Super simple. Just plug it in. Couldnt be easier. Also makes holding my phone easier. Side plus of owning it. Over all, satisfied with my purchase.

Nathan P.J.

I have been looking for something that could help me use my phone every day but feel safe about having it around at the same time. This product does exactly that. It is really easy to install too. You just plug it into the bottom of your phone. I also like how it looks pretty cool!

Tarrin N.

The ripple is perfect for me. It fits nicely into the phone to help save a little space which is always good! ...working great so far! Seems to work quickly, in my pixel 2xl. Very good overall construction.

Houser H.

Work fine for my iPad/iphone. No contact with seller The blue one stopped working after a couple of weeks the red one continues to work. Of course the warranty has run out so I wasted money on o e