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Been searching for sometime for something to block waves from my phone. I found the Ripple and decided to give it a try. Very happy with my purchase. It seems to be doing the trick.

Quantum™ EMF Necklace
Lawrence Raichards

Great company with great service. My item was damaged during shipping and the immediately sent a replacement.

Very nice for the price. Love the peace that it brings me and goes well with my regular jewelery too.

Quantum™ EMF Necklace
Jacqueline Faulkner

Finally an EMF protection necklace that isn't ugly and at a reasonable price too. Feeling less anxious while wearing it.

Quantum™ EMF Necklace
Sacha Strong

My daughter and I love our new protection necklaces. EMF is real and I'm glad to have taken action against it.

Quantum™ EMF Necklace
Sarah Ritchy

The perfect necklace! Really nice material and so beautiful. I get many questions about what it is for. Protects and pleases.

I have been recommending this product to all my friends. The effects of cellphones on us is still largely unknown. This at least adds some protection.

Quantum™ EMF Necklace
Zaira Meeuwis

Works and looks great! Bought one for the husband and kids too. We all love them.

100% recommend this. Tested the necklace with my emf detector and it works better than other I have tested.

EMF Sensitivity Supplement
Danielle Carta
So much happier

I have felt lots of benefits using the supplements. Working in tech I am constantly bombarded with EMF and it was have noticeable impact on my health. Since taking the supplement I'm less fatigues, less anxious and my headaches are gone. I’m much happier in myself so thank you.

Worth every penny

Very grateful to have been one of the beta tester for Conscious Copper. I have extreme EMF sensitivity and since taking it I sleep better, no more heart palpitation and I am not as stressed. I know its not cheap but it is worth every penny, in my opinion. I would most definitely recommend.

EMF Defense

We love this!! Have noticed an improvement in sleep already and super easy to install! Definitely gives me peace of mind as well!!

At first seems good furniture product, tried it with two mobile connected and is heated at all. Try with more to watch such.

Received my order very quickly. Works great for home protection. I took some readings and they were much better than before.

Lattice™ Home EMF Defense
Evelyn Rodriguez

Came quickly (3 days), brought to the apartment. We were able to install these right away. Super easy.

Quantum™ EMF Bracelet
Emanuel Marrero

love it , very solid bracelet. exactly what i was looking for. plan to wear this each day.

Cube Works, recommend the seller czekałem so with 2-3 weeks

Good item. Very quick delivery. Just ordered two more.

Quantum™ EMF Necklace
Nathalee Poller

Perfect, consistent with the description, fast delivery. Thank you very much.

Ripple™ Cell Phone EMF Defense
Margarita Blubaugh

ok Don't mark well for the European peg, puffff 00

Lovely bracelets- ordered all three including the ring and necklace.

2 weeks to Mo. Everything is fine, thank you

I got 4 for my family. They love them!

Beautiful and feels super fancy.

Quantum™ EMF Necklace
Mellissa Widrick

perfectly thank you so much