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Nice! Better than I expected. I really love wearing this every day. I got this to go with my orogne necklace. There are the perfect pair keeping me safe each day.

We just received our lattice home system from conscious copper. We decided this was the right system for us because the price is affordable (compared to the other options) and the reviews are five stars. After completing our research online we purchased these. We installed them according to the instructions. We placed 2 units in each room. One near the door and one near the window. This allows for optimal emf flow through the room. So far my husband and I are very grateful to have them. We are sad we waited so long to get something like this. I can already tell they have made a big difference.

I am so happy with this necklace. I have worn it for about 10 days so far and each day I can tell that I am happier and more myself than before.I used to wake up feeling tired and would get headaches regularly. This is not happening since wearing my quantum necklace. I really love the design and the quality is fantastic.

From what I can tell this is one of the best cell phone shields available. Really slim, you dont even notice that it is with you. I have this and the pendant they sell. Both are great and keep me safe.

Perfect for each room in our house. I placed them next to the doors in each room to allow the emf to flow through properly. They are pretty nice looking too. I like that they were much better price than the other devices available. We were able to cover all rooms including the garage.

This bracelet is just what I was looking for. I needed something to help me feel less tired during the day. I knew it was because of the EMF. This has helped bring my energy levels back up.

This is one of my favorite emf protection devices to wear every day. it looks really cool plus works so well. I feel great when wearing it! Really happy with this purchase.

Super simple. Just plug it in. Couldnt be easier. Also makes holding my phone easier. Side plus of owning it. Over all, satisfied with my purchase.

My husband was constantly complaining about his headaches but wouldnt do anything about it. I finally did some research and discovered that it was the smart meters our landlord just installed. They happen to be right next to our apartment. We got 6 of these room protectors and just put them all in the bedroom. Just like that he feels great and I am happy to have them too.

This thing is sweet! Super solid design. It feels really nice. It is pure copper. Perfect for what I needed. Wanted to protect the home. Looks cool too!

We got a ripple for each device we have in the home. The kids all have ipads and iphones so I wanted to make sure each device was safe for them. The iphone version fits our ipads too. My husband has android so I got him the USBC version that also works great. These are the best little devices.

Corresponds to the description. Works fine. No claims. I think to order more. The order came quickly, despite the quarantine. The seller is satisfied, I advise.

Super nice bracelet. I am really happy I got this. It is easy to wear all day. I paired it with the quantum necklace and it goes great. Very happy.

Worked right away. Really excited to continue using this. I was having really bad headaches and I think they are gone now. That is a huge relief for me.

after researching orgone necklaces i found out that this was the best item for the best price available. i am very happy with this purchase. i got it super fast.

After using a month i m reviewing this product. Very Good Product At this price range. Delevery Is also good I Strongly recommend the seller. good quality

Super simple to install, just plug it in. Works with my iphone and ipad. Got one for the USB-C on my home too. These work great. Very happy with the purchase.

I recommend all conscious copper products to my friends and family. They all trust that I know what I am talking about. All of them are very happy too.

Shipping speeds were incredible it to less than 4 days to arrive to Florida. So far, Im very pleased with my purchase, I would definitely recommend this necklace

My husband was looking for something to protect our entire home. I found these online and they seemed to be much better priced than others available. We purchased them and have been happy so far.

This beautiful necklace was just what I needed to protect from emf. I have a lot of wifi in my building. over 100, and I realized I needed something to protect me. I love wearing this every day.

Very pleased with this purchase. Exactly as described, works perfectly. Just what I was looking for. Works great with their other devices as well. I have owned the quantum for a few months now.

The ripple is perfect for me. It fits nicely into the phone to help save a little space which is always good! ...working great so far! Seems to work quickly, in my pixel 2xl. Very good overall construction.

Work fine for my iPad/iphone. No contact with seller The blue one stopped working after a couple of weeks the red one continues to work. Of course the warranty has run out so I wasted money on o e

I was a bit skeptical but now that I have one I can tell they are great. Made of solid copper. Really impressed by the material and super easy to use. I am wearing mine every day and so far feel great.