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Love this. Thank you

Love my ripple. It battles EMF at the source

100% recommend this. Tested the necklace with my emf detector and it works better than other I have tested.

Fits snugly in my phone and I'm less anxious as a result

Finally an EMF harmonizer that looks great too

This necklace feels fantastic. Great material and stylish look

Quantumâ„¢ EMF Necklace
Lawrence Raichards

Great company with great service. My item was damaged during shipping and the immediately sent a replacement.

This is great! Not too pricey with the discount

Everyone keeps complimenting my necklace and I can feel the effects.

Quantumâ„¢ EMF Necklace
Jacqueline Francis

So much better than expected. I feel the difference when wearing it. Amazing.

I've bought from them several times now. Love their products and makes a perfect gift.

No more EMF harm! Perfect fit for my phone

Best I could find online and surprisingly one of the cheapest too.

Fast shipping. Great products

So easy to install and I can feel the difference

Love this necklace. I can feel the difference when wearing my necklace. I feel grounded and calm. Thank you

BEST SLEEP of my Life

Absolutely LOVE my EMF necklace. I have experienced by far the best sleep of my life in the short week I’ve been wearing this necklace since it’s arrival. Definitely worth it, I will be purchasing Conscious Copper’s HOME EMF Protection Device next! 10/10

Less headaches !!

I bought this because I liked the way it looked and I thought well made necklaces cost way more than this so might as well buy this with EMF protection true or not (I think so but for the skeptics). I hardly wear necklaces but now I wear this everyday and I get quite a bit of compliments (when I actually leave the house __). I work half my time at home in front of 3 computers, by a printer the internet. I have a extremely pronounce chest rib cage and can feel the vibration... it's like it projecting the energy away from me.

Ive been warning my family for about 10 years now about emf. This necklace is awesome. Thank you.

Nice! Better than I expected. I really love wearing this every day. I got this to go with my orogne necklace. There are the perfect pair keeping me safe each day.

From what I can tell this is one of the best cell phone shields available. Really slim, you dont even notice that it is with you. I have this and the pendant they sell. Both are great and keep me safe.

Perfect for each room in our house. I placed them next to the doors in each room to allow the emf to flow through properly. They are pretty nice looking too. I like that they were much better price than the other devices available. We were able to cover all rooms including the garage.

We just received our lattice home system from conscious copper. We decided this was the right system for us because the price is affordable (compared to the other options) and the reviews are five stars. After completing our research online we purchased these. We installed them according to the instructions. We placed 2 units in each room. One near the door and one near the window. This allows for optimal emf flow through the room. So far my husband and I are very grateful to have them. We are sad we waited so long to get something like this. I can already tell they have made a big difference.

This bracelet is just what I was looking for. I needed something to help me feel less tired during the day. I knew it was because of the EMF. This has helped bring my energy levels back up.